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insulated materials

Stainless Steel: Most stainless steel is 304. Items include pots and pans, poultry processing equipment, restaurant equipment and sinks.

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Bright/Shiny or Bare Bright - Bare bright is a thick copper wire which has had its insulation stripped off.

Copper #1 - Generally tubing, solids, sheet with no contamination such as solder, paint or corrosion having a “brand new look."

Copper #2 - #2 tube and pipe is like #1 tube and pipe. The exception is #2 can have soldered joints and paint.

Insulated #1 - #1 wire consist 10, 12, etc gauge ( building wire/ house wire) and has a ratio of 70% copper and 30% insulation. In addition 1-6 AWG & 10-12 AWG also purchased.

Insulated #2 - Often #2 wire is Ethernet cat 4, 5, 6, 110 outlet cords and extension cords. Extension and 110 outlet cords must have ends removed.


Foundry Brass

Red Brass - Red brass is used in water meters, gears and heavy valves.

Yellow Brass


6063 Aluminum Extrusion - Usually window frames, ladders and sliding glass doors. All contaminates such as glass, metal screws and weather stripping must be removed.

Aluminum 6061 - This material is used in transportation, irrigation & structural applications.

Aluminum Shavings

Aluminum Wheels - Automobile wheels should have the valve stem and wheel weight removed to be considered clean.

Cast Aluminum - Cast aluminum is found in auto parts, gas grills, ornimental items. etc. Should be free of excessive iron.

Clean Aluminum Copper Radiators - Al/CU radiators are used in cooling and air conditioning equipment. These items are clean, meaning they have no iron ends.

MLC - This material has no coating and is a mix of several low copper aluminum alloys.

Painted Aluminum/Old Sheet - This material has no coating and is a mix of several low copper aluminum alloys.

Copper Image 1 Copper Image 2 Copper Image 3 Copper Image 4 Copper Image 5 Brass Image 1 Brass Image 2 Brass Image 3 Aluminum Image 1 Aluminum Image 2 Aluminum Image 3 Aluminum Image 4 Aluminum Image 5 Aluminum Image 7 Aluminum Image 8 STAINLESS STEEL radiator